No More Excuses

3 min readJan 20, 2022

Excuses are everywhere all you have to do is look for them. They are the reasons you give why you didn’t do something, were late for an event, forgot something or why after a heavy night drinking you felt it was a good idea to play tick tack toe on your sleeping partners forehead in permanent ink?…. the list for reasons to give an excuse is as long as a piece of string from a factory that makes nothing but string.

We all have them but the main person we tell them to excuse our actions or inactions is ourselves. We tell them to our friends and family members, our superiors and worst of all our selves. To remove ourselves from the firing line and to well…get out of trouble for the most part or to make us believe that it’s not that bad we will be fine…BULLSHIT.

But there comes a time when there are no more excuses especially for the sin of inaction. Now as an atheist I use that word “sin” not as a crime against a higher power but against the person we should care most about…ourselves. It’s us committing an act of wrongdoing against ourselves and these excuses stop us from living our best life, which is the biggest sin of them all.

We all have reasons why we haven’t done something or didn’t think we could do something. But when our first reaction is to mentally reach into our closet of excuses, then it’s a problem with our attitudes and our very mindset as it holds us back. I am as guilty as anyone for this hence why I am writing this to highlight how dangerous excuses can be as they hide/distort the truth.

There comes a time when this lack of action this avoidance can lead you into the labyrinth of the mind and the demons of depression that await in there. For me the past two years or so I let my own excuses for my own inaction lead me down that path. It took me a long time I wore my excuses like wet blankets and they wore me down with each passing day, as I felt the guilt and shame of my own inaction and I wasn’t living my best life…I was surviving not living.

So let’s make 2022 the year of the Tiger — The Year of No More Excuses — I am going to be leaving all my excuses in 2021, I am throwing them away I am locking them up in my own version of Pandora’s box along with all my other sins. Only unlike Pandora, I am going to create a fire hot enough to incinerate all the reasons for my lack of action. This is something I encourage everyone else to do there is NO REASON why you shouldn’t achieve all you want, have the friendships you want and have the life you deserve. Sir Richard Branson is famous for saying “Screw it let’s do it” and he became a billionaire with that attitude. In my mind’s eye, I am going to set the sails of my own ship and I am going to instruct the winds and waves of life where I want them to take me. You control the direction of your life, life doesn’t control you.

There are no excuses for a negative attitude and if you’re surrounded by those that harbour these attitudes do yourself a favour and get rid of them. Go find others who will nurture and feed in you a positive mentality and trust me they are out there. But most importantly find it deep within yourself this is something I have struggled with for many years but this year is going to be my fucking year. I am determined to do it I am going to have to break through my own walls of self-doubt and regret, but I know I can do it and I just have to own the potential that others see in me and own it. We all need a mantra to propel us forward but please do it for yourself lets live a life with no more excuses.




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