Finding Our Own Truths

As I wrote the title to this entry I just realised that I have accidentally written an anagram FOOT. But that’s just what finding our own truths is all about as they are so rooted in who we are. A while ago I wrote “Standing Naked in our own truth” and I guess this blog for the most part has been me standing naked in my own truth…again.

I tend to find my own truths here in my words and writings, after all when we write, we are writing what we know and we are letting the world know who we are even if they have never met us. (God, just realised this post is going to have a lot of words beginning with “w” in it I do apologise #fourthwallbreak.) When we feel compelled to pick up a pen, open up a word document or turn on our smartphones/tablets with the intent of writing something. It’s where we can be our true selves and can say whatever we want there isn’t anyone to correct us or say that what we think or feel is wrong. The only opinions that matter when you begin writing are yours. This is your journey after all and these are your truths, finding these truths of ours can be one of the most important journeys we ever undertake. No matter what you have been through in life, good, bad or other we all have times like those. The bad times will pass but only if you take the first step in allowing yourself to not hold on to them. I heard a quote the other day from NBA legend Jalen Rose “There is a reason why the windshield on a car is bigger than the rear window because what’s going on in front of you is so much more important than what happened in the past.”

We live in the here and now, the past we can’t do anything about, we can’t go back in time to change what happened no matter how much we want to and we will want to at times, life just doesn’t work like that. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the song Hurricane from “Hamilton” one of the most inspirational songs I have heard and here is my take from it. There are times in life when you have to write your way out, write everything down far as you can see, write your way out of hell, write your own deliverance and overwhelm others with your honesty inspire total strangers who might be moved by your story.

Writing is all about finding our own truths and learning from those of others one could say that reading others’ own truths and learning from them is the ROOT of all human knowledge and experience. See I have inadvertently created two anagrams in this one blog entry yet another fourth wall break I do apologise.

You don’t have to write your truths out to find them some of us are lucky enough to know them without having to write them out. I have to say those people I envy those who know their life’s calling, what they want to be, accomplish and who have mapped out their path through life at an early age. But for the rest of us, we have to go through life and might not discover our path till later on in our journey through life. These truths can be found by a chance encounter on the street, whilst taking a walk in the park or by hiking up a mountain or by writing our thoughts out.

Then you might be asking yourself “if this guy knows so much about finding truths then why doesn’t he prove it and stop being so damn vague and tell us his truths?” A question I am happy to answer for you, to bear my soul and open up about some of my truths.

Me, I am scared of many things, I am terrified of having my heart broken again hence why I have remained single for over half a decade, in fact, I shut out the very possibility of falling in love ever again. But at the same time, I am mature enough to say I was wrong about that and that is one of the hardest things to admit that I was wrong about. A truth I only discovered recently with the help of someone who entered my life within the past few months, and the non-stop pestering by groups of old friends who never gave up on me. They know who they are and how much I hated them for it but love them even more for pushing me towards the light. I have let my own doubts and regrets get the better of me too many times as they sent me spiralling into a dark depression this has impacted all aspects of my life. From my writing here to my work as it all but extinguished my creative spark and my zest for life. These were fuelled by the selfish actions of certain people whose negativity drove me further down a dark path however I found the courage to remove them and they are no longer part of my life. As to where I want to go in life, writing has always been such a large part of it to a degree, and my mother has been pushing me to write a book for several years now. It’s time I push past my fears and write a story worthy of all those who have supported me over the years.

There you have it some of my own truths written out for all to see, you don’t have to blog about your deepest thoughts like I am. You don’t even have to write them out them. You can like Michael Jackson illuded to in his song “Man in the Mirror”. Talk to the person in the mirror and have an open and honest conversation with yourself. However, you choose to find your truths don’t be scared of them. Once found you will realise they can help you can accomplish what you thought you never could and be all the happier for it.



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