Where did that come from? Anger & Friendships

4 min readOct 13

Have you ever had those moments when someone has angered you even for a second? Throwing you into a fit of rage that you didn’t see coming; what makes it worse is when the anger is justified. Leaving you to inform the individual of your anger and giving them ample time to address the issue… if they don’t, then the following is likely to happen.

Due to the issue not being addressed instantly, typically within an hour or so, leaving you to stew in your pool of red-hot anger for a prolonged period. You realise you’re not just angry; you’re outraged with that person for more than what just happened, no matter how insignificant the occurrence.

This anger gives birth to a spark, a spark that gives birth to a flame, a flame that lights a fuse, a fuse you didn’t know even existed, a fuse that wasn’t just lit; it was then doused in gasoline. When the person who angered you had the chance to act and address the issue(s) and didn’t, this inaction then accelerates the lit fuse's trajectory towards the barrels of gunpowder full of toxic rage that lurk within us. When the lit fuse is still not dealt with, those barrels of pure, refined and highly explosive gunpowder will explode and destroy all in their path — burning away all the good feelings that you had towards them only mere moments prior, tainting all the good memories and leaving them soured and bitter. This can have physical repercussions, too, as you feel the sudden urge to spit out the vile taste that's formed in your mouth.

It’s only when you have had time to sit back, relax and enjoy the power of that internal explosion that has just been set off inside of you. You will ask yourself, “WOW!!! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM????” You will then try to analyse where those feelings came from; you will do what we humans do and think deeply of all the times that person, due to their own self-wants, needs and desires, have put themselves over you and your friendship doing certain things one shouldn’t have done. Then, like Annubis with his scale, you will weigh the good and the bad points of this friendship.

Following this analysis, there are typically two things that will happen: 1. You let those flames escape from you, letting them burn away all that resembles that person from your life as the flames become all-encompassing…


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