Walking with a clear head

2 min readMar 29, 2018

Walking with a clear head, walking somewhere without a purpose just walking just to feel instead, living life step by step, inch by inch, meter by meter, I tread, not rushing, taking my time instead, to see, to be, to feel and remember who it is to be me, the climb might be steep, yet my own council I keep, looking out to look in, time it self could stand still and I would not notice the thrill, whilst standing still feeling yet invisible as others pass by questioning why?

Why? does this man stand still looking out on the distant horizon every now and then looking down not making a sound, how profound.

Yet I stay none the wiser whilst here I stand trying to rhyme like a miser the thoughts and feelings in side my head, that long ago I put to bed. A mistake I made long ago now put to shame.

The fear I had of once again opening my self up to who I am, what a fucking sham, I feel so weak as tears well up on my cheek.

As I stare down up on it all, longing to fall head over feet into the deep only to arise from such a dark place like a Phoenix in all its glory to once again tell my story.

Without the thoughts of doubt and dread that run through my head. Feeling free just to be me, no longer questioning why? The question of whether is better to live or die…oh my can I believe what I just said.

Don’t be scared my friend for this verse will end however I fear these ramblings might become a trend and that I hope will never end….




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