Pro-Gay or Anti-Gay? Does Really it Matter?

4 min readJun 26, 2017

Having read a lot in the news recently about people, countries or companies that are pro or anti those who are Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual (LGB). It makes me think it that shouldn’t matter what you are, simply because it’s the lives of other people who are no different to you or me, it’s their choice that shouldn’t affect you or impact you in any way.

It shouldn’t even bother you if people are LGB, and if Russia (Putin’s USSR) knew how much that market is worth they would be openly accepting those who are LGB. In fact, they would be doing their very best to create their version of SOHO or WEHO in Moscow or St Petersberg. Let alone follow the example of much of the US and UK where LGBs are just part of everyday life.

Having done my research on the current value of the market needless to say it is worth BILLIONS of US Dollars. For those of you who have half a brain cell, you could try to take advantage of their expendable income.
Homosexuality is nothing new and has been around for as long as man has existed, you can even spot homosexual behaviour in the animal kingdom with males and females.

Now I want to make it clear that I am a proud heterosexual male (for those of you who don’t speak English — straight) and a conservative. Even though I might feel uncomfortable with witnessing a man kissing another man, shockingly I have no issue with seeing two women kiss like any other straight hot-blooded male. It’s none of my business what they do and I don’t want it to be and it’s their bodies so let them do what they want. If you have such an overwhelming issue/problem with it then maybe the problem doesn’t lie with them or who they choose to love…perhaps it’s YOU. That or you might just have latent homosexual tendencies that you have kept bottled up for many years. All due to your upbringing and education telling you that what you see and feel is “wrong” and the resentment you might get from your family and social circle if you were to explore those feelings. If this is the case then I pity you as much as I might think that you’re a horrible human being you could just be a tortured soul.

It does sicken me that we all saw what Hitler did when he was in power to certain segments of the European population. Anyone who says they are Anti-Gay is voicing the same sentiment of hate echoed by such groups as the Nazi Party, The KKK, and ISIS sorry Daesh. So yes if you’re feeling ashamed at reading this you really should be, but well done you at least have a small dosage of humanity in your soul.

The most humorous thing about this is that many of these people are devout followers of one of the branches of the main faiths be it Christianity, Islam or Judaism. I find it to be hilarious how hypocritical they are, considering that the core messages behind these faiths are “love & acceptance” of all things, and yet many of them are proving how un-accepting they of those who believe or practise that which they do not agree with. I mean in some countries, homosexuality is punished with the death penalty….imagine this being killed for choosing to love someone…just because of cruel and senseless Barbaric laws which were put in place centuries prior for unknown reasons.

We claim that we the human race are at the peak of evolution, but how can we even consider this, when we cling to laws that punish our fellow men and women for choosing to love. Those who grow up under the Christian faith are taught that God’s greatest gift was “Free Will”….I would ask then why can’t we grant this God-Given gift to our fellow brothers and sisters? Instead, they are saddled with monikers such as; faggot, gay, dyke, carpet muncher, cock sucker, sodomite, and many worse things. Not very nice is it….how would you like to be called such things daily? No, you wouldn’t would you? Because it’s not very nice to be belittled and told that what you do is “unnatural” and needs to be changed

As I have learnt in life “it is better to be kind than to be right”, you can learn more about how to behave in this world in those 10 words than in one whole hour of sitting in a Church, Temple, Mosque or where ever you might practise your faith.

Here ends the lesson.




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