Our Digital Screens

2 min readMay 15, 2017


Today much of life perhaps too much of our life is spent behind a digital screen, an electronic pulse.

This new found addiction has become like smoking for some all most impossible to put down, to give up.

We work with it, we use it as part of our day to day lives, we have forgotten how to live life with out these electronic aides.

Have we forgotten the feeling of anticipation and excitement, of turning the first page of a new paper back.

The thrill of opening a letter written by hand, and the frustration of attempting to read a good friends illegible hand writing.

Are electronic devices getting to the stage where they enable us as much as they disable us?

Where for the sake of convenience, we carry our kindle’s and iPads, instead of going to the library or book shop.

In many ways yes it is, but is it not a pity that, the feeling, the smell, the texture of each page something that an old book can only deliver, that these treasure troves of knowledge will no longer be sought out, by those of young minds who will only seek to explore the digital world instead of the physical.

My generation was lucky enough to know the importance of this, considering that those who were born in the nineteen-eighties, came in when the truly digital age was still in its infancy as were we.

As much I as I believe in technological advancement, I also fear that because of it we will forget what it is to be human. To have the connection with the physical world instead of being trapped in the digital world.

Instead we will inevitably become slaves to our digital screens. We will not just carry them but wear them, instead of printing photographs we upload them on the internet. Things like photo albums have become a novelty instead of the norm.

We no longer head to the bar, coffee shop or hope for a random encounter else where, these days when looking for a potential significant other or even just someone to have carnal enjoyment with. The first stop is an online service be it Tinder, Grinder or other, if this fails however then we go out and hope to meet someone in the real world.

These screens are quickly becoming our own self inflicted prisions, we don’t know what to do or how to live without them. Some no longer socialise with out them and they are trapped, by the overbearing need to respond to a message from a friend, an email or social media notification far too often do they interup social gatherings. Perhaps its time for us to focus on the real world a bit more before we truely become enslaved, enlsaved by our digital screens.




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