Oh the one drink…

4 min readMay 8, 2018


So as you can likely tell from the the title of this blog entry, I am not unashamed to say I rather enjoy a drink or two. Now is the time to question what the “The One Drink” is and does it exist, in this entry I hope to answer this age old question.

I am sure that many of you reading this would struggle to count on one hand, let alone using all your fingers and toes. How many times you have said to yourselves I will go and have the ONE drink, and ended up not knowing how you got home the following morning, as your alarm clock rudely goes off at six am and when only you got to bed at four on a Tuesday night? Whilst your searching for a few things; one, a hammer to destroy your bally alarm clock, before realising it’s your smart phone; two, your stash of high strength pain pills to quel your hangover; and three, if you have a significant other a valid excuse as to why you got home at such a late hour and why you thought it entertaining to play naughts and crosses on their face using their most expensive lipstick…you know simple things that seem like a good idea at the time.

I swear the one drink does not exist, it is a fable, a myth, something hewn in to legends from long ago, that have become part of our very culture. Just as the tales of Moses and his Ark, the war of Troy, Dracula, Moby Dick and Tarzan have become tales of legend so has that of the one drink. Regardless if you don’t drink alcohol or if you’re the designated driver aka. the poor sod who drives his or her drunken friends home at the end of the night. Esspecially with drink driving laws being what they are these days, gone are the days where guile, cunning or well practised tricks could get you off scott free. It’s dangerous to even have one drink and get behind the wheel, let alone two so it tends to worth you while to stick to none.

*This author in no way shape or form condones the practise of driving under the influence.

The one drink is something spoken of in hushed terms around the camp fire…or these days the office water cooler. So much infact that many people I know treat it with an almost religious fervour. Every now and then one person will come up to me and claim to have experienced this strange phenomena of the one drink. This happens however when no one else is around to witness it or can remember having witnessed it, so the question remains does it exist?

I am sure in theory it could exist, if one wasn’t tempted after having finished it and wasn’t left wanting another refreshing beverage. But being human we are always left wanting more its part of who we are. Plus life is too short not to have another so why wouldn’t you? Hence why this ever continuing question of if this mysterious thing does exist or should it remain a mystery? Much like Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, Unicorns, Faries or Donlad Trump’s penis. All things people claim to have seen yet none have proof of their existense.

How many epic nights have begun with us saying sure I will join for the one drink” ?, in fact where would be with out the one drink? I can tell you that the one drink has been far more effective in connecting people than a million swipes on any dating app. Lets face it, it doesn’t matter whether you Tind, Grind or just want to let your hair down everyone is up for having “the one drink”. Heck you will likely have a better chance of meeting someone who is actually insteresting in going for the one drink.

Tis when this “one” drink turns into several, that in this certain Gentleman Writers’s experience is when things get really interesting. The best times I have had with friends have not been planned but have started with the one drink. Relationships have been forged, deals made, lives changed, new friends found etc etc etc. Many things thoughout history owe very their existence to their creators having gone out for “the one” drink both good and bad. I am not just talking about the hangovers that followed. I am fairly sure I owe my existence to my parents having gone to a bar with the aim of having the one drink.

So lets all raise our glasses to this phenomena no matter your religious, philisophical, sexual, political or artistic leanings. We can all share in the mysteries of the ONE DRINK, long may it lead us on to great things and even greater lives and on that note CHEERS!!!!




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