Anger: A Misunderstood Emotion

4 min readOct 20

Growing up as children, we have a few basic emotions, the most emotive and most destructive of these is our anger. An emotion that brings the worst out of most, we are taught to fear it and to be wary of those who are angry.

It’s normally an emotion that gets used as a very last resort out of desperation or when someone or something has gotten under our skin and has worked our very last nerve. This is when we tend to explode in a fit of uncontrollable rage and furious anger, much like angry children blind to all that we do. All we know is that we feel like breaking the world and inflicting as much pain, damage and suffering on what caused us to fly into that fit of rage, to begin with.

This is because we were never taught how to control, focus or hone our anger, let alone understand its true power. That is what anger is, it’s the most powerful emotion we have it’s a savage primal fire. It always makes me laugh when I take a step back and that there is only one other emotion that can arouse the same passion and fervour that anger does can you guess what that is??? It’s love. There is a reason why they both share the same colour on the emotional spectrum, that being red. You’re likely asking, why do I say that anger is a misunderstood emotion? That is before I go down the endless rabbit hole of pop culture references and unleash my inner geek all over the page, which I very nearly did.

It’s because this emotion has such negative associations and connotations that are primarily negative it's connected to things like road rage, brutal animalistic fights, murder, hooliganism, rioting, and general acts of violence against humanity and Mother Nature herself. We are told that anger has no place in society due to what anger typically incites, that being violence, fear, death, war and destruction. I can understand why because it’s a very primal and base reaction to something that upsets us. Just look at any crowd of your typical football hooligans or angry youths who just want to tear the world apart because their team lost, or they aren’t getting their own way, or because they think they can get away with…typically being led by someone along the lines of a populist politician or a radical like Gretta Thunberg, who became infamous/comical for her own angry “How dare you rant”.


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